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BTS or BlackPink ?

2 of the most popular pop groups in not only Korea, but the world. BTS and Blackpink has taken the world by storm the last 5 years catapulting Korean Pop, or Kpop into the limelight. Honestly, if aliens are discovered by the human race in the near future, even they would probably have heard of these 2 mega groups. We're going to dive into the metrics/statistics for each of these groups to see who is most popular. With that being said, both of these groups are extremely popular, just which ones more? We will give you the numbers and you can decide.

As of September 2021, which is a year old, one of the biggest platforms to measure music video polarity, Youtube, BLACKPINK had amassed 70 million subscribers in 5 years. BTS had about 61 million subscribers, still a number not to be coughed at. BLACKPINK in this instance has about 15% more YouTube subscribers then BTS.

Youtube subscribers:

BTS 61 million subscribers

BLACKPINK 70 million subscribers


BTS has 2 accounts that total around 77 million followers

BLACKPINK on the other hand has 5.4 million followers.


BTS 53 million followers

BLACKPINK 44 million followers

Youtube music video views:


How you like that - 1 billion views

DDU-DU-DDU-DU - 1.4 billion views

Kill this Love - 1.4 billion views


DNA - 1.3 billion views

Dynamite - 1.3 billion views

Boy With LUv - 1.4 billion views

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