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  • James Park

Halloween is upon us, what emojis do you use?

Every year Halloween is filled with visuals that stimulate your sense of sight, and for some their sense of taste. It might rival Christmas with its house decorations and crazy costumes not only on kids trick or treating, but on adults going to parties. Most of the time the main topic of conversation and probably the main ice breaker is about the costumes.

In addition to the traditional ways to celebrate Halloween, within the last 20 years there have been many digital ways that came about to celebrate Halloween. Custom emojis are on most users keypad to send as communication to fellow friends and family. Google changes its homepage to a halloween themed Google page. Custom hashtags like #JackOLantern , #spookyskull , #skullcrossbones , #trickortreat and many others are used to signify that the user is celebrating Halloween. I think the digital world is just as fun as the real world in terms of letting your imagination run wild.

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