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  • James Park

The psychology of the emoji and how digital stickers can help the same way

There have been studies that seem to suggest that the usage of #emojis can release the necessary amount of #serotonin, #dopamine, #endorphins and #oxytocin to make an individuals mood change even if it's slightly to the positive. Everyone has their own ways to proactively improve their mood. Using fun digital stickers on photos you we're going to share to your social networks might help improve your mood by making a small addition to things you already do.

Digital stickers found on apps like #PhotoStamped aren't necessarily modes of communication, but more of expressiveness to enhance a particular photo. It may have the same affect as communication emojis though in terms of releasing positive inducing chemicals within your mind. Anyway you put it, fun digital stickers lighten the mood up and just makes it feel fun and lighthearted, which I think is the best way to live life. Laid back and not taking oneself too seriously.



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